The Non-Fungible Bavarians

Business Network Community
for the DACH region

The Non-Fungible Bavarians (NFBs) are a collection of 1.111 NFTs that give holders access to an exclusive Web3 mastermind Network.

The story behind

It takes quite a lot of knowledge and experience to create long-term and meaningful NFT or Web3 projects. While we noticed that other countries are (once again) adopting the new technologies around Web3 at a much faster pace than us (in Germany), the idea grew that we need to be able to do the same here.

That’s how we started the first German-speaking business network for the Web3: the Non-Fungible Bavarians*

A dedicated interdisciplinary collective of experts focusing on the web3 Space.

A membership bound to a NFT that grants token access to a growing community of Web3 Masterminds.

* Please do not be deceived by our name.
We are by no means connected to the state of Bavaria. Everyone is highly welcome to join us!


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